Automatic towel dispenser


Auto towel dispenser

Automatic Towel Dispenser Description



Our economical automatic towel dispenser is a touch free paper towel dispenser allowing the reduction of bacteria spreading and cross contamination. It will also help you to reduce your paper consumption by up to 40%. Its truly one of the most efficient hand ecohygiene systems in the world.

Automatic Towel Dispenser Features



  • Reduce overall waste.
  • Has up to a 5 second time delay feature, significantly reducing the amount of paper used in your facility and any unnecessary waste.
  • All batteries are provided at no extra charge as part of the overall service.
  • Adjustable dispenser settings, you can customize the system’s sheet length and mode of operation to meet your needs.
  • High capacity design reduces maintenance and allows exceptional control over service intervals
  • Unique sub roll delivery feature allowing continuous feed from the partialy finished roll to a new roll.

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