Autosoap – Automatic soap dispenser


Autosoap - Automatic soap dispenser

Automatic Soap Dispenser Description



Auto touch-free dispensing is the most hygienic method of dispensing soap or sanitiser. Hand washing is the activity that has the single largest impact on reducing the spread of disease. Having an Automatic Soap Dispenser in your workplace can help promote healthy hygiene practices.

Automatic Soap Dispenser Features



  • Each cartridge is fully recyclable and comes with a brand new pump, ensuring consistent product delivery and lower maintenance requirements
  • The closed cartridge system eliminates contamination
  • Have the choice of luxury foam, antibacterial foam, antibacterial hand gel, surface sanitiser & hand, hair & body wash.
  • Soap reservoir holds up to 1.2L of liquid or foam soap at a time.
  • Has reliable electronics and pump mechanisms.

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