Feminine ecohygiene

Feminine Eco Hygiene

We understand women’s need for a hygienic, easy-to-use system to ensure workplace bathroom visits are less of a hassle.

Our sanitary bins for feminine hygiene product use are designed and provided by women for women. So, let us look after your employees and visitors and provide them with everything they need.

Femcare sanitary unit


Femcare sanitary unit




The Femcare Sanitary Disposal Unit provides a discrete solution for the washroom and is available in touch-free or manual options to suit any budget.




  • Slim profile for universal cubicle access and placement.
  • Fragranced, degradable Multiliner and degradable cartridge system.
  • Antimicrobial agents are added to the moulding during manufacture which inhibits the growth of a broad spectrum of germs and reduces surface bacteria by up to 99%.
  • System, we use P-Max, a natural, non-toxic antimicrobial sachet placed in the interior liner that helps to eliminate odour and bacteria through an advanced vapour action.

Female hygiene

With Ecohygiene soap dispensers, hand sanitisers and hand dryers, you can be sure the germs at your workplace will be stopped in their tracks.


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We offer a range of hygienic services for your workplace bathrooms designed to suit you and your team’s needs. When it comes to bathrooms, we’ve got you covered with solutions for:


Bathroom hygiene, including urinal care and toilet seat sanitisers

Hand Hygiene

Hand hygiene, including soap dispensers, gel sanitisers and luxury foam soaps

Air Hygiene

Air hygiene dispensers and fragrances

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